Well I don’t even know where to begin with this. Its been a long time since I’ve written any of my feelings on here. I’m not used to it anymore.

Anyway, I’m watching you eat pasta right now, and its sooo adorable. Its honestly distracting. Go be cute somewhere else so I can focus.

I guess I can start by saying that I am so fucking excited to be there with you. Like I cant even contain how happy I am. Thinking about the moment I’ll see you again, actually there in front of me, and I’ll be able to touch you and kiss you. Ahh it gives me butterflies.

You’re all mine and I’m all yours. Like for real. Its like too good to be true. I still cant even wrap my head around the fact that I have someone so perfect. Its crazy.

This is so cliche, but I knew from the moment I met you that my life was gonna change. And I knew I was gonna fall in love with you, when I found saying goodbye to you nearly impossible. Ive never had such a hard time walking away from anyone in my life.

I don’t normally let strangers kiss me and touch me the way I let you. But it just felt so right.

And there’s not many people in this world I can look in the eyes the same day I meet them, and with you it was no problem. It was almost like I’d known you for years. Something about your eyes is different.

God if I could go back to that night. I think about it everyday. It was one of the best nights of my life.

I was so nervous but once I started talking to you, it was like you were the only thing that mattered. The only thing I wanted to pay any attention to.

I knew when you asked me to come outside with you that you were gonna try and kiss me. And I was allllll about it obviously. lol

But lets be honest and say, that if I didn’t walk over to you and put my arms around you, you wouldn’t have done it.

But you did, and god am I glad that you did.

You. Just you. You are everything I have ever wanted in a girlfriend. Like legit, you are my dream girl. It fucking unbelievable. How did I get so fucking lucky!?

As much as I love John, I never knew how wrong being with him was until you walked into my life and showed me.

You walked in and it was like I realized everything I’d been fucking up. You opened my eyes.

I have never felt so loved and just so generally happy as I am right now.

A lot of people are looking at me sideways, asking if I’m making the right decision, by leaving my whole life behind to go be 500 miles away with a girl I met one time.

But if only they knew.

If only they knew just how happy you make me.

If they could feel the way I feel about you, they’d understand. 

I know in my heart that I’m making the right decision.

And I can not fucking wait. I am gonna hug you and kiss you like a million times. I’m gonna lose it. Like I might even get so excited that I’ll start crying. lol

I cant wait to hold you and play with your hair. And just everything.

I cant waitttttt. Tomorrow can not come any quicker.

I love you so fucking much. I don’t even think you understand what you mean to me. I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with you. I couldn’t imagine anything in the world that would make me happier, than to wake up to that gorgeous smile everyday.

Except maybe you fucking the shit out of me. Pretty happy about that too. ;]